This is the Blog site of Lions Clubs International District 321E which was carved out of the erstwhile undivided District 304 in 1956 with Lion Dr. U.C.Gupta as the Charter District Governor.The boundries of this district run from Allahabad,Varanasi,Mirzapur,Robertsganj,Renukoot,Singrauli,Jaunpur,Pratapgarh     Ballia,Faizabad,Basti,Sultanpur,Badohi,Aurai,& Gorakhpur including newly & recently formed districts of Purvanchal.

Lions Clubs International District 321E has the proud privilege of having Lion Dr.Jagdish Gulati of Lions Club Allahabad City as international Director Endorsee Multiple 321.Presently Dr. Jagdish Gulati is Secretary/Treasure of Multiple District Co-Ordination of India.

District 321 E has given 3 Multiple Council Chairperson namely Lion B.N.Gupta,Lion Badri Prasad Jaiswal & Lion P.C.Agarwal(2010-2011)



  1. Our Club create the website.
    Please send the latest updates to me on my mail id.
    Rajeev Gupta
    Lions Club Allahabad Bharadwaj

    • Please clarify what updates are rquired by you.Please subscribe to the site by entering your e-mail on the space provided.Thanks for visiting the site.

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