Events & Updates

1)D.G.Lion KLK Chandani will be back from Sydney convention on 6th July.

2)Lion Dr.Jagdish Gulati ID Endorsee MD321 will return to Allahabad after attending Sydney Convention on 3rd July.

3) Installation of Lions Club Allahabad Adarsh will be held on 4th July.PID Lion Sushil Agarwala will be the chief Guest.

4) P.S.T Training will be held on 11th july at 10A.M at Hotel Ideal Tower,Varanasi

5)1st Cabinet Meeting of the Lionistic year 2010-2011 will be held on 25th July at 11.0 A.M. at United Institute of Technology,Naini Allahabad.

6)District Cabinet Installation will be held on 30th July  at Hotel Clarks,The Mall,Varanasi at 6.30Pm.1st International Vice President Lion Tam.Dr.Wing-Kam from Hongkong,China will be the Chief Guest.

7) Installation of Lions Club Varanasi Ganga will be held on 8th August at Clarks Hotel.Cantt Varanasi


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